Seminars Overview

Doug Stevens has been conducting a monthly series of (invitation only) Seminars for 1st and 2nd year real estate graduates at West End (London) based retail orientated practices.

The Seminars are informal one hour sessions covering in relatively brief detail a range of property topics.  They are not part of any formal training or CPD programme and are conducted on a voluntary basis by Doug.

The attached notes are for the benefit of the attendees of the Seminars and are not for wider distribution.

Seminar Topics

List of Seminar Topics

Monday 18th January 2016                      SEMINAR 18 - Inspecting Commercial Property – The Art and The Science by Keith Whale of GCW

Monday 22nd February 2016                    SEMINAR 19 - Rating Valuation and Q&A


  - What changes are proposed to Sunday Trading Hours?

  - Will a court make a tenant take a 10 year lease when they only want a 5 year lease?

  - Are pre-packs fair?

Monday 14th March 2016                         SEMINAR 20 - Service Charges & Headline Rents

Monday 11th April 2016                            SEMINAR 21 - Q & A


    - Caveat Emptor

    - Double-Dipping

    - IPMS (Offices)

    - Purple Book

    - S. 106 & CIL

Monday 16th May 2016                            SEMINAR 22 - Rent Review Clauses

Monday 25th July 2016                            SEMINAR 23 - Lease Renewals

Monday 22nd August 2016                      SEMINAR 24 - Assigning a Lease & Underletting a Lease

Monday 19th September 2016                SEMINAR 25 - Q & A


- Conflict of Interest

- Brexit - Impacts on property sector

- ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

- RICS/IPMS (Measuring Codes)

- GPDO's (General Permitted Development Orders)

- RICS Real Estate & Brokerage Guidance 3rd Edition August 2016

- Methods of Sale (Statutes & Regulations)

Monday 17th October 2016                     SEMINAR 26 - Arbitration & Independent Expert

Monday 21st November 2016                  SEMINAR 27 - Valuing Large Stores

Monday 19th December 2016                 SEMINAR 28 - Apprentice Style Quiz on Range of Property Issues