Seminars Overview

Doug Stevens has been conducting a monthly series of (invitation only) Seminars for 1st and 2nd year real estate graduates at West End (London) based retail orientated practices.

The Seminars are informal one hour sessions covering in relatively brief detail a range of property topics.  They are not part of any formal training or CPD programme and are conducted on a voluntary basis by Doug.

The attached notes are for the benefit of the attendees of the Seminars and are not for wider distribution.


Seminars 2017

Monday 23rd January 2017                    SEMINAR 29 - Rent Review Clauses

Monday 20th February 2017                  SEMINAR 30 - CBRE - Valuation Methodology - Market Perspective

                                                                     presented by Graham Chase of Chase & Partners

Monday 20th March 2017                      SEMINAR 31 - Repairing Clauses & Dilapidations

Monday 24th April 2017                         SEMINAR 32 - Use Classes Order /GDO's | Awards on Costs / Calderbanks | Post Dated Evidence | 

                                                                                           RICS Conflicts of Interest Global 1st Edition | Different Bases for Reviewing Rent

Monday 22nd May 2017                          SEMINAR 33 - Physical Factors & Lease Clauses Impacting on Rental Valuation

Monday 26th June 2017                         SEMINAR 34 - Development Appraisals

                                                                                         - GFC Development Appraisal

                                                                                         - GFC Seminar Notes on Development Appraisals & Areas for Dispute

Monday 24th July 2017                           SEMINAR 35 - Property Case Law

Monday 21st August 2017                       SEMINAR 36 - Landlord & Tenant Act 1954

Monday 18th September 2017                SEMINAR 37 - Q&A

Monday 23rd October 2017                     SEMINAR 38 - Q&A

Monday 20th November 2017                 SEMINAR 39 - Profits Method As Applied to Public Houses And Other Leisure Properties

                                                                     Tony Hunter – Savills

Monday 18th December 2017                 SEMINAR 40 - Presenting Best Case to Arbitrator or Expert